Guidelines and Class Etiquette

  1. Please arrive at least 10-15min prior to class.  Quietly settle yourself into the studio and lie down in savasana (corpse pose).  Give yourself ample time to get yourself settled.
  2. Cell phones and/or any other electronic devices are not permitted in the studio area.  Please turn them off or on silent.  No “vibrate” mode either please.
  3. We will practice “Saucha” – keeping our yoga space clean and tidy.  Please keep purses, jackets, bags far away from your yoga mat.
  4. Do not eat 2 -3 hours prior to class.  If you practice on a full stomach you may experience cramps, nausea, headaches, vomiting or lethargy.  Especially in twists, deep forward bends and inversions.  If you need to eat – please eat/drink something light.
  5. Please do not wear perfume or any scented creams.  Arrive clean and free of scents as they may distract or offend others.
  6. Do inform Tracie of any injuries or conditions that might affect your practice.  If you are injured or tired, skip poses you cannot or should not be doing – or try a modified version.
  7. Try to refrain from drinking water during the yoga class. While people often stop and drink water during fitness classes, stopping for water during yoga is more often than not an indication that you have gotten close to your “edge” and are now turning away from it. Yoga is about burning up toxins – drinking water only dampens your flame and breaks your concentration – and the concentration of those around you.
  8. Complete the attached enrollment/waiver form and hand-in to Tracie prior to your first class.

What To Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow your body to stretch and your skin to breathe.


Which Yoga Mat?

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