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Love, Light & Impermanence

As most of you may know, my dear sweet girlfriend recently passed away.  My heart is still broken and I am still numb at the fact that she is no longer here.  Her name is Jasmin Fiore Dodge and she was a beautiful soul –  not to mention a gorgeous woman!

As the days go by since her passing, I reflect on all of the great times we had together and how we’ve grown; parties in University, travels to the Dominican Republic (2 times!)…silly sleepovers and of course cherished “tea dates” where we would discuss parenting “woahs” over delicious chai lattes (made with coconut milk of course) and flakey chocolate croissants (a must)! 

Jasmin was special to me because she was not only my good friend, she was a mentor and teacher as well.  She was the girl who took me to my first yoga class 21 years ago! And the one who bought me my first Pema Chodron book – introducing me to buddhist teachings.

There was a wonderful theme that resonated at her funeral –  LOVE & LIGHT!   2 energies that she fully embodied, shared and celebrated in her life.  Even through the toughest times of treatment & pain, she would still give and share her love and ever expanding light to all who surrounded her.  Her light and love was so strong that it still resonates with those who knew her…even after her passing.

She was only 39 years old and in her very short life – she made a huge impact!  While undergoing treatment and therapy, she muscled the strength to create, host, teach and share at her very own…now a legacy…retreat called: “Stretch Heal Grow.”  This is a yoga, wellness and meditation retreat for young women living with breast cancer. “The retreat offers a chance for young women to come together in wellness, support and community.”  In her honour and memory, many have donated to support this cause – perhaps you could too?  Donate here:

It’s been 2 weeks since she’s left this earth and I’m sad…so I’ve been thinking and reflecting on what Jazzy would do… “Reflect on the teachings of Pema Chodron and Thich Nhat Hanh:  When things fall apart, well that’s an opportunity to change.” (PC)  “…No mud…no lotus…” (TNH)

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Jasmin’s death has certainly got me thinking about my life…and the impermanence of life in general.  Life CAN be cut so short…and it’s unfair and it’s crap!

But can I learn from this horrible event and turn it around?

If life can be THIS short – then I must remind myself to be even MORE present with daily activities…it is a true gift to be present – to be in the moment to relish in everyone and everything that I “touch”.  And what about love?…to love and receive love…and to share everlasting light to all who know me!  That I must do as well!

Each day before I rise out of bed, I usually tell myself to “make it a great day!”  but now since this recent event, I have felt the need to add more…

So in keeping with the theme of Love & light…I’ve looked up another one of our favourite authors: Louise Hay.  In her teachings, I have found a perfect daily affirmation that reminds me of Jazzy:

“I am love, I am energy, I am shining light!” (Louise Hay)

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I’ve added this affirmation to include the following:

“I am love, I am energy, I am shining light! Today, I will share & spread love & light and make it a great day”

It’s a minor change…a small and yet powerful intention that has helped me to lift my spirits.  And by saying these words to myself each day and in my friend’s honour…well…it makes me more accountable to my intention!  And you know what?  It’s working…there IS a shift…it’s small, but it’s a shift in the right, light and love direction!

Even after Jasmin’s passing – I’m still learning from her.  Ugh!  I miss her so much…

…I will take from this mud-like situation and make a lotus out of it damn it!

Jasmin will always be in my heart and some way, somehow I know that through my meditations…she will continue to speak to me so that I can continue to learn and grow from her everlasting love and light…

I Love You Jazzy!

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