Yoga for Kids

Certified with a level 1 coaching certificate and 5 years of coaching gymnastics to young children, it was a natural transition to teach yoga to children.  Tracie offers classes to teach children how to move, breath and relax with yoga.  Her afterschool program at Town Centre Private Schools was a great success!

Research shows that breathing and yoga postures help children to remain calm during testing and studying. Yoga also has been helpful in teaching children how to relax in stressful situations.

Her classes will allow children the opportunity to unwind and have fun!  Tracie will take the students through various stretches and static positions to improve flexibility, coordination, body-awareness and self-confidence.

Yoga for Toddlers (ages 3-6 years)

This is a very fun age; children are exploding with curiosity!  Tracie will use a variety of props (books, stuffed animals, parachute, bubbles etc.) to aid in the instruction of yoga poses. Your child will explore imaginary trips to safaris, oceans, outer space, farms, jungles, fire stations, campsites and more! to learn various animal poses. Stretch like a giraffe, fly like a dragonfly, roar like a lion and put out a fire in Tracie’s wild yoga adventures!  Children will be encouraged to bring their favourite stuffed toy for breathing techniques and for other points of focus.  This is not a quiet class- children are encouraged to use their voices and to expand their minds through imagination.

Tracie currently teaches this age group for Town Centre Montessori Schools.

Yoga for Tweens (ages 7-11 years)

This dynamic class is designed to build strength and confidence in the child.   A minimal amount of props are used, instead, a larger focus will be on group effort and partnering to achieve specific yoga poses.  This will help the student to better understand the full range of movement of the body and will help to broaden their minds on endless possibilities.

Yoga for Students (ages 12 years and up)

Classes are designed to build strength and flexibility while connecting breath with movement.  All classes will explore asana (poses) that include standing, seated, twists, backbends and the fundamentals of sun salutations.  Poses and sequences are practiced with alignment in mind offering the student’s an opportunity to gain confidence, strength and flexibility.   Students will be encouraged to bring their own props such as straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets to help achieve proper alignment and overall postures.  This style of yoga will help to reduce tension and allow the student to experience a mind-body connection.


Why Yoga for Kids? Yoga is Fun!

  • Yoga promotes physical strength & flexibility
  • Yoga helps to clam the mind and relax your child
  • Yoga promotes increased concentration
  • Yoga builds energy stamina
  • Yoga class participation fosters cooperation & compassion


Health Tips

    • Breathe!  Take time in your practice to breathe in and out through your nose.  This will help to release tension when holding asanas (poses) for a long period of time.
    • Be Kind…to yourself!  When you feel tired – take time to rest and nurture yourself with good whole foods.  Life is a journey to enjoy, not a race to complete.
    • Motion is lotion:  If you are feeling stiff  – consider gentle movements to move the qi and blood in your body.   Check out my Youtube channel for some yoga movements.

Make It Yourself!

Yoga Mat Cleaner:

Mix 1 part warm water with 3 parts white          vinegar. Add a few drops of  essential oils (like eucalyptus, tea tree oil, mint or lavender) Use liberally on mat and wipe off.


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