Class Descriptions

Yin/Yang Mix Yoga

Enjoy the benefits of gentle flow yoga stretches combined with yin yoga.   This class will be a mix of Hatha (heated) yoga and Yin yoga (cooling) where the participant will gently warm up the body with flow-based sun salutations and standing postures, then cool down with Yin postures (holding poses for 2-4 mins).

This multi-level class is only offered at the Shadbolt Studio.  Students must register to secure their spot.

Meditation (Guided with Restorative yoga component)

1 hour class where you will be guided in a relaxing session of movement and breath work.  The class will start with gentle yoga stretches, followed by a guided meditation to help you to relax and release tension.  Students will find deep rest using props in restorative yoga postures.  Suitable for all levels and those in need of some love and attention to their bodies, minds and souls.


Vinyasa Flow Level I/II

Classes are designed for beginner and intermediate level students that focus on building strength and flexibility while connecting breath with movement.  All classes will explore asana (poses) that include standing, seated, twists, backbends and the fundamentals of sun salutations.  Poses and sequences are practiced with alignment in mind offering practitioners an opportunity to gain confidence, strength and flexibility.   Often, props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps are used in classes to help achieve proper alignment and overall postures.  This style of yoga will help to reduce tension and allow you to experience a mind-body connection.

This multi-level class is only offered at the Shadbolt Studio.  Students must register to secure their spot at each location.

Yin Yoga

This class is the perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) style of Hatha yoga (your Vinyasa Flow classes) that emphasize internal heat and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles.  Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body.   All poses are done on the mat, sitting or lying where the poses are held for a period of 3-5 minutes.  Suitable for all levels.

This multi-level class is only offered at the Shadbolt Studio.  Students must register to secure their spot.

Level I Hatha yoga

Yoga is a non-competitive approach to physical fitness utilizing strength, flexibility and stamina.  Proper body alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques will be taught throughout this class.  This class is suitable for participants who are new to yoga and for those looking for refinement in their current yoga practice.

This class is offered at the Shadbolt Studio.  Students must register to secure their spot.

Parent & Tot Yoga

This program is designed to help you relax yourself and your child.  This class is a gentle way to exercise both your body and your child’s.  Learn how to relax, tone and strengthen your body in a fun and effective way!   Tracie is currently teaching at Community Centres that offer this program.

Yoga for Seniors

Tracie will lead you through a series of stretches that will gradually increase your flexibility, building strength and creating balance while reducing stress.  Tracie is currently teaching at Community Centres for Seniors.

Chair Yoga

This gentle form of Yoga is practised sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support.  No complicated or complex movements, but the same benefits of a traditional yoga class.  Relax your body and mind, improve your fitness and flexibility and elevate your health and well-being.   Tracie is currently teaching at Community Centres that offer this program.


I am also a registered acupuncturist.  More to come on this soon.



Health Tips

    • Breathe!  Take time in your practice to breathe in and out through your nose.  This will help to release tension when holding asanas (poses) for a long period of time.
    • Be Kind…to yourself!  When you feel tired – take time to rest and nurture yourself with good whole foods.  Life is a journey to enjoy, not a race to complete.
    • Motion is lotion:  If you are feeling stiff  – consider gentle movements to move the qi and blood in your body.   Check out my Youtube channel for some yoga movements.

Make It Yourself!

Yoga Mat Cleaner:

Mix 1 part warm water with 3 parts white          vinegar. Add a few drops of  essential oils (like eucalyptus, tea tree oil, mint or lavender) Use liberally on mat and wipe off.