Private Instruction

Tracie designs and structures private sessions to match your level of experience, your pace, and the issues you wish to address into a customized practice tailored to your needs.

Private yoga can be an excellent way for beginners to grow their practice should they want to learn in an individual setting, rather than a classroom.

Additionally, private sessions are ideal for more experienced students who are seeking to address specific issues or are working towards overcoming limitations and finding more freedom in areas of their body such as hips and hamstrings. Students looking to develop a home practice can also use a private session to create a sequence to meet their individual needs.

My Private Programs Include


The fundamentals of posture, alignment, breath and philosophy


Explore specific areas of interest and more complex asanas

Core Strength and Stability

Connect to your powerhouse. Great for lower back issues and learning to safely tighten your core muscles


Use your yoga practice to heal. Specifically targeted to injuries and therapeutic needs


Health Tips

    • Breathe!  Take time in your practice to breathe in and out through your nose.  This will help to release tension when holding asanas (poses) for a long period of time.
    • Be Kind…to yourself!  When you feel tired – take time to rest and nurture yourself with good whole foods.  Life is a journey to enjoy, not a race to complete.
    • Motion is lotion:  If you are feeling stiff  – consider gentle movements to move the qi and blood in your body.   Check out my Youtube channel for some yoga movements.

Make It Yourself!

Yoga Mat Cleaner:

Mix 1 part warm water with 3 parts white          vinegar. Add a few drops of  essential oils (like eucalyptus, tea tree oil, mint or lavender) Use liberally on mat and wipe off.


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