It’s been just about 2 years since I’ve written my last Blog.  I took time off to become a licensed acupuncturist!   I’m happy to say that I passed all of my board exams this March!  
I’m writing to see how you’re holding up? 
This is such a crazy time isn’t it?  Social isolation has been long and with recent events south of the border, days can feel even longer and tough! 

I am offering free yoga classes in the month of June so that we can stay connected and perhaps feel less isolated.

So – come stretch with me!  Motion is lotion; moving the blood, qi (energy) and prana (lifeforce) will help release tension in the body and assist in clearing and calming the mind.  Now that I’m an acupuncturist, I will be adding some acupressure points to many of my yoga classes so that we may experience the benefit of both Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Complimentary Classes for June:
Mondays:  Yin class   10-11am
Thursdays: Vinyasa Flow class 10-11am

If you can make these classes, please email me at:  yogawithtracie@gmail.comso I can send you the details.

If you cannot make these classes, please consider checking out my NEW Youtube channel – offering free videos that incorporate Yoga movement with Chinese medicine (acupressure points and tips for health prevention).   Here is the link to my channel:
I hope to see you on the mat!

Be safe and be well,