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Dear Yogis,


Today marks the first day of Spring – Longer days with a whole lot more sun and light!

I have always loved Spring – perhaps it is because I am a Spring baby myself – born in April and around the time where the “Easter bunny” generously sprinkles pastel goodies in my home.  The air is crisp, the sun brightly shines and we can finally retire those heavy down winter coats and flannel sheets!  Best of all – we begin to see the miracle of Mother Earth; grass emerging from the melted snow and tiny green buds become visible on the trees and within the soil.  …We begin to witness the birth and renewal of nature all around us!

In some cultures – today marks the day of a New Year – so for me it seemed most fitting to use this day as the day to start my mental Spring Cleaning.

I started my day with getting quiet – yup – I found the time and space to listen to my thoughts – meditation…  I first had to identify “the stuff – otherwise known as baggage” that I needed to let go of!  When I dug deep, I realized my baggage was quite large – it consisted of…A LOT OF… the habitual self-talk that I often say to myself:

“I look old and tired…I’m ugly”

“What!! ANOTHER pimple!! …I’m so ugly!”

“I don’t have the strength to get through the day with all that needs to be done!  …I’m so weak!”

“I shouldn’t buy that…I don’t deserve it”

“Why is this happening (again!) to me!? …My life sucks.”

As I proof-read the words that I just wrote…gosh! I’m not a very nice person to myself – and my life is far from sucking!!

So why all this negative chatter?

Have you ever caught yourself saying negative things to yourself?  You would never say something like that to a friend or stranger for that fact?  So…why are we so hard on ourselves?  This negative self-talk is so very toxic to the very core of us!  And yet…we do it so often!

Did you know that statistically – 70% of our mental chatter is negative? Ugh! A sad – but true fact!  Even though we may hold ourselves in the highest regard – socially and outwardly – our inner thoughts are saying otherwise.  And – if you’re a woman – the statistic gets worse – especially in the body image department.  97% of us ladies will say at least once in the day:  “I hate my body!”

So…needless to say, everyone is carrying some form of baggage – what is yours?  Are you willing to embrace Spring and start a little mental spring cleaning yourself?  What negative self-talk are you saying that holds you back from doing what you were meant to do or be?

Identify your baggage and be willing to let it go of it – why hold on?  Then consciously allow for more light and space in your life and embody light itself!

I recommend starting with the following:

…Get quiet and start repeating the mantra to yourself:

“OM…I am light!”

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Once you do this – you may find yourself feeling less heavy.  As you repeat this mantra- allow yourself to let go of the “things” you are holding on to…  and then go to the studio or gym and SWEAT it all out!


So…today in particular, I started my day with the mediation – then I practiced asanas (postures) that induced some SERIOUS sweat!  Find a practice that is more physically challenging that your usual exercise routine (of course practicing ashima – honouring and listening to your body’s limitations).  Sweat out those toxic wastes and thoughts out of your body, mind and spirit and embrace feeling more light – less heavy!  Embrace this new type of Spring cleaning!!

There is a lovely quote from Thich Nhat Han who sums up the importance of letting go.  He says “Letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness…”

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So…will you do some mental spring cleaning with me?  I would love to hear from you – let me know if repeating “OM – I am light” helps you to eliminate those toxic thoughts.

And then when you’re ready – start to add little by little – those wonderful, positive and nourishing compliments to yourself.  – See my “5 tips to Stay happy!” blog to remind yourself of how to keep that gorgeous smile on your face.


Love & light to you always,