This month – remind yourself to send love and positive energy to the most important person in your life…YOU!

Cold winter days are still ahead of us – muscles, tendons and even the skin of our bodies may feel more tight  and or stiff!  Remind yourself, especially during your weekly yoga practice to continue to honour and respect the body.  Ahimsa!  Satya!

Ahimsa – Sanskrit for non-violence.

Satya – Sanskrit for truth – in thought, speech and action

Ahimsa and Satya are the first 2 Yamas (rules or code of conduct for living) from the Yoga sutras.

See if you can be conscious of these Yamas in your daily life and in your weekly yoga practice.

Here’s how you can apply these YAMAS to your yoga practice:

If you wake up in the morning feeling stiff or even pain – when you come to the studio – try to listen to your body and know not to “push” yourself through any discomfort.  Allow your body to gently move slowly into each posture until you are comfortable.  In some cases, this may mean being in child’s pose (or any other posture that brings comfort) for an extended period of time!  And…that’s ok!  That is practicing Ahmisa!

As for Satya – being truthful to how you feel and know that each day is different from the next.  Be honest with yourself and learn to hold back from a posture OR speak up – tell your teacher (ME)!  In many cases, I can advise on 1-2 modifications so that you may find comfort in the posture and enjoy the benefits. For example, this week a student shared with me that she experienced lower back pain from a posture we did the week before.  This was great information because we discovered a pre-existing injury and discussed useful modifications for her next class! This was an example of Satya – without this person sharing the truth of the pain that was being felt – we never would have come up with solutions for a more enjoyable practice.

So my yogis, may you have a wonderful February – Practice ahimsa and satya to send love and positive energy to yourself!