Welcome Fall!

When I was younger, I loved Fall: the crisp cool breeze and the vibrant colours of the maple trees.  But as I get older, I have started to “really” notice that cool breeze and there are days when I do not enjoy at all!

As the season changes – especially to the cold seasons, I find it even more important to stay with my own personal yoga practice.    The practice of yoga literally keeps me warm, but most importantly it keeps me present and in check with how I feel and what I am feeling.

Usually when it gets cold outside, we – like all animals, search for warmth!  Whether that means, traveling to a warmer destination or grabbing a cup of tea, it is our nature to get warm!

There is no secret that most of us pack on the pounds in the colder months.  The large Thanksgiving dinners and Halloween treats contribute to this, but let’s face it, when it’s cold outside, we do not move as much!

I’ll be the first to say that I love to warm up with a hot cup of tea and snuggle on the sofa with my boys.  But it’s my personal practice of yoga that keeps going.  The practice of yoga keeps me warm and present.  It’s truly a gift to be present.   I’ve often mentioned this in my classes. The root meaning of “Yoga” – It comes from the Sanskrit word – yuj, which translates to “union” – or  “connection.”   This union or connection is with your self…and if you want to go further, it could also relate to your connection with the universe!   Just the thought of this union is making me “warm and fuzzy!”

So what else…get that chill out by taking it to the mat.  The natural progression of a Hatha flow yoga class will bring your body temperature to a heated state and then gradually cool down at the end.  But what you are left with is a body and mind that is both energized and relaxed!    Even if one does not perspire in their yoga practice, the movement performed in the class has allowed the blood to flow.  Have you heard this saying before?  “Motion is lotion!”  Get the body moving and keep it moving so that you stay warm through this transition season.  With the practice of yoga, your body and mind is warmed and nurtured through breath & movement.

Favourite warming sequence (Great to start your day):

Salute the sun with  Surya Namaskar.

Sun Salutation A

Sun Salutation A